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-Help your high school or college student choose a major!!

College Students and Recent Graduates

College students often engage in “major shopping” to decide on a college major and career choice.  Many times a process of elimination is used in an attempt to settle on the right major.  Many students earn a bachelor’s degree in the time it would have taken them to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree because they do no not use a proven process in career planning and decision-making.

Also very common are students who graduate and launch their careers only to find that the choices they made aren’t the right fit.  They realize after entering the work world that they are in careers and jobs that don’t match their personalities or abilities.  Many of these new professionals made their career plans rather haphazardly instead of using a sound process to make good decisions based on who they are.

Dr. Opengart provides the career coaching experience to help you not only pick a major that you can stick with but also a career path that matches your unique abilities and skills through our proven career assessment and planning process.

To view a sample Highlands Ability Battery profile, click here:  Highlands Sample Student Report and click here to view the sample Highlands Career Exploration Supplement for Students

Adults in Transition

Sometimes our careers or jobs cause problems that affect our performance at work and carry over into our personal lives. The need to consider a career change is often manifested in job burnout or job stress. To find a cure for a work-related problem, I’ll help you identify the symptoms and the cause of your stress.

Some possible signs or causes of job stress are listed below:

  • Overwork: working late or on weekends, taking work home, postponing vacations

  • Rumors or reports of impending layoffs or reassignments

  • Recognition that you’re in the wrong career

  • Conflict with your boss or co-workers

  • Continuing lack of interest in your work

  • Reluctance to face the new workday

If these symptoms become severe enough, you may need to consider changing careers.

But, a career change should not be made lightly, impulsively, or without careful consideration of vital factors in choosing your ideal career path. Dr. Opengart will help you assess you natural abilities, personal style, interests, values, goals, and background. My career planning and coaching techniques will help you explore these critical areas to lead to a career change or work in retirement that will bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

Click here to view a Highlands Sample Adult Report and here to view a Highlands Sample Adult Career Exploration Supplement.



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