Rose Opengart, Ph.D.

Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Rose, and I want to help you FIND YOUR WHERE – either in your career or your college. The right fit is critical to success, both at work and at school.

I am a CAREER AND COLLEGE CONSULTANT, a speaker, and an author. 

I have my Ph.D. in Human Resources and Organizational Development from The University of Georgia and my Master’s Degree specializing in Human Resources Management from Virginia Tech. I have over 25 years combined experience working in career coaching and human resources management and about 10 years in academia, in both teaching and administration. I have presented research at many international research conferences as well as published research articles.

I am a member of HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association) and IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) and SACAC (Southern Association for College Admission Counseling).

I attended IECA’s Summer Training Institute for educational consultants in 2022. I attend numerous professional conferences throughout the year and spend a significant amount of time touring college campuses, meeting with admissions officers and networking with other professionals in the field.

About Us

Interviews That Work/Colleges That Work is a company designed around Dr. Rose’s passion for helping you to FIND YOUR WHERE.

Your where can be the right job  I provide career and job search services to those looking for a new job. Or your where can be the right college! I take stress away from parents and assist with the college search process, helping with essays and applications for high school students.

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